It can be very exciting to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, but it can also present challenges for you and your family, how can you live comfortably while the work is being done?  If you’re remodeling your kitchen some adjustments might be needed in order to prepare meals.  If remodeling your bathroom, how will your family coordinate sharing a bathroom?  What about the crew, will they need access to a bathroom? Let’s look at some practical suggestions that you may want to consider before starting your remodeling project.

Dust Control

Has your contractor discussed with you how he plans to contain construction particles?  Dust generating tasks, such as sawing and sanding, should be done outside whenever possible.  Your contractor should apply plastic barriers over the entry points of the room under construction.

Plastic sheets or zip walls help contain dust so that it doesn’t spread through out the house.  It’s also a good idea to keep doors to other rooms closed when possible.  Your contractor should also line any walkway areas from the area under construction to the exit door.  Does your contractor use a BuildClean dust control machine? This machine can eliminate 90% of airborne jobsite dust.



What will be your contractors work hours?  Having workers in your home can be distracting, speak to your contractor about what should you expect in terms of noise and work habits.  Do the workers clean up after their done for the day?

Find out when will you be able to talk to your contractor, is it in the morning before he starts?  Is that the same time when you and your family are trying to get out the door for your daily routine?



Take out every night it’s probably not the best idea, so if you’re kitchen is being renovated, consider a temporary set up in another room.  Perhaps a utility room that has a sink, that way you can move your small appliances such as your coffee maker, toaster, microwave oven, or hot plates.

You may want to consider using disposable plates, cups and silverware to cut down on washing dishes.  Doing a kitchen remodel in the summer may be a great idea, that way you can break out the grill and enjoy some family time outdoors.



Renovations can be confusing for pets, all these unfamiliar people in and out, loud noises all the time, can overwhelm your pets.  Consider providing a save heaven for your pets, some place safe where they can be in while the construction is happening, whether is hiding under your bed or in a closet.

If your pets are not allowed to come and go freely outside, be sure the workers know not to leave doors open.  Gating off some sections of the house would be a good idea, that way your pet doesn’t wander into the construction zone.   Shards of wood or glass can easily hurt paws, plus pets have the tendency of tasting the construction materials so it is best to keep our fury friends away from the construction area.


Kitchen & Bath renovations are an investment in the value of your home and the happiness of your loved ones.  Keeping these tips in mind before starting your remodeling job will keep your life less stressful.




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