The “Farmhouse Style” has become very popular in the recent years becoming its own category.  But what exactly is “farmhouse style”?  The answer to this question may differ depending on who you ask.  So, what’s the right answer?  “Farmhouse style” is whatever you want it to!!   The beauty of farmhouse style is that it encompasses a large amount of aesthetics, it’s not as specific as mid-century modern or art deco, it’s a mix and match.

Let’s look at some specifics that can help you achieve the look.


Less Is More

True farmhouses are very simple, because of economical circumstances less was definitely more.  Farmhouses and homesteads used what they had, and every single item had a purpose.  In farmhouse style you’ll see plenty of galvanized and enamelware, mainly because those were essential materials on a working farm.  When picking accessories for your farmhouse décor keep in mind:  think simple, less clutter, more pieces that serve double duty, functionality.


Clean Lines

Farmhouse style tends to always use clean simple lines, in both its architecture and décor and cabinets are the perfect example of this.  The classic farmhouse cabinet door and drawer fronts are usually Shaker because of the clean lines and easy construction.  Working on a farm was very challenging for a family, so when it came to building doors, furniture or cabinets, they kept it basic.  Not much trim work, no fancy finishes, just simple functionality.  This feel of simplicity has been carried out into the farmhouse décor style of today.




Neutral Tones

Another characteristic of farmhouse style is the muted, neutral color.  Because most homesteads used what they had, paint finishes were worn, pieces were well used, and if it was broken, you fixed it.  This meant that colourful pieces faded with time and everything took on a more neutral, conservative tone.  Think whites, grays, warm wood tones, and matte finishes, chippy paint, and metal tones.

Beaded Inset cabinets with Shaker door/drawer fronts, top drawer slab in stain walnut by Hardwood Creations.


Remember: go simple, think comfortable and functional, and you can bring farmhouse style into any space.




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