A mudroom is not complete without Mudroom Cabinetry.  Why you may ask?  Because, although is called a mudroom we don’t really want a mudroom, what we’re actually aiming for is an anti-mudroom, a place to stop dirt & clutter from getting inside the house.  Mudroom cabinets won’t do anything to stop those muddy paws or soaking wet shoes from making it across the threshold, but they can help to keep the clutter at bay by offering a place to stash backpacks, leashes, coats, and any other items to go, stopping them from going any further with your family members.

Its very easy to get inspired by the tidy looking mudroom pictures you see on Pinterest but let’s face it, those cute mudrooms with coloured coordinated coats and super clean rubber boots are not realistic.  They make visually appealing photos but when you really think about the use of your mudroom, do you honestly think it will look like that?

A real mudroom is never actually clean.  No matter how many doormats you put down outside the door or how strict you are about the shoes, dirt will always find a way to make it in.  Real mudrooms don’t have clean, colour coordinated clutter, just plain clutter.

Mudroom cabinets can be the solution.  Perhaps the dirt won’t stay out, but you can keep clutter to a minimum to keep the room looking neat.  Plus, custom mudroom cabinets can be very versatile by serving different functions in your mudroom.  Built ins can give you a place to stash shoes, gloves, as well as a place to sit down while putting shoes on and taking them off.  Mudroom cabinets can be locker style, hiding away coats with hooks inside the cabinet and have spots for shoes, boots, and umbrellas.  You can also add shelving for items such as hats.  Whatever you may need, mudroom cabinets can help you.


Overlay cabinets in Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray, with Shaker doors by ©Hardwood Creations

Above we see a perfectly good example of locker style Mudroom cabinets with cubbies underneath for baskets, everything can be hidden and tucked away out of site with room to sit down.


Overlay cabinets in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe with shaker doors and lattice doors by ©Hardwood Creations

Here we have another good example of locker style mudroom cabinets, with drawers underneath and open space at top for baskets & small upper cabinets for extra storage.


Overlay cabinets in Benjamin Moore Iron Gate with slab doors by ©Hardwood Creations

You can even have an area dedicated to your pets where you can neatly store they’re toys, leashes, and at the same time offering them a cozy spot for them to rest.


Not only can mudroom cabinets give your room a clean, tidy look because items can be stored away but also because the cabinets will look polished and uniform in appearance.  Custom cabinets can be modified to fir both your space and your needs.  Do you need additional storage for cleaning supplies or winter gear?  Do you have tall ceilings and you could add extra storage there?  Custom cabinets are the answer.  It can be the best way to keep some of the messiness under control and out of sight.