The bathroom can be one of the most important and heavily used rooms in a house, and all to often it lacks open floor space and it can feel cluttered, small, and uncomfortable.  A top reason for a bathroom remodel is to make the space feel larger – even when you aren’t investing in a complete renovation.

There are countless tips that you can implement for making a small-size bathroom appear to be larger than it actually is.  While major bath fixtures and features play a role in keeping your space light, open, and airy, it’s really the smallest details that add up to make an impact.  There are specific areas of your design that you can focus on during a bath remodel without blowing your budget.


Colour Scheme


The first thing you notice in a bathroom is the colour.  The darker the colour the smaller the space looks; rich and saturated hues should be reserved for expansive bathrooms that an abundance of space.  To get the most out of your small bathroom, stick to traditional, light colours that naturally reflect light in the room.

  • White on White: This colour scheme is the ideal choice for maximizing the visual space of a small bathroom, it creates a sleek, seamless appearance that makes it a smart choice.
  • Textural Elements: Just because you’re using a white colour scheme does not mean that it must lack style.  Elements such as natural stone, tile, molding, and interesting hardware can give your bathroom a customized look and add visual interest.
  • Tone on Tone: If you’re still hesitant about an all-white colour scheme, switching it up to a tone on tone design can have a similar effect.  Whether you use soft grays, subtle blues, or a nice beige tone, focusing on one hue in the bathroom will create and inviting, serene look.


Think Outside the Box


In a typical bathroom you will see a solid tub-shower combo, cabinet-style vanity and a closet for storage, but those traditional elements won’t do much to help your space look larger.  It’s time to break the mold when it comes to “standard” fixtures for the space, there are several options available in today’s market to help you think outside the box.

  • Vanities: Instead of the classic vanity, consider opening up the room with a floating style feature, this will give your room the appearance of greater depth.
  • Mirrors: A stunning mirror in your small bathroom can instantly create the illusion of an open an expansive space. An oversized, frame mirror above the vanity or a full mirrored wall can accomplish this.
  • Bath Features: A bathtub can take up a large amount of floor space, instead, consider swapping your tub for a sleek, barrier free shower that has continuous flooring with the rest of the room, and go for a glass panel door instead of a shower curtain to avoid breaking up the flow of the space.
  • Storage: Storage can be a major issue for most bathrooms, however, it is an essential part of a functional space.  You can get extra storage in your small bath by adding open shelving, wall hooks, and inset cabinetry that allows you to cut down on visual clutter.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting and using multiple light sources can create dimension and light up every corner of the room.  Consider incorporating a combination of ceiling lights, wall sconces, and edge-lighted mirrors to eliminate shadows and give your space a fresh atmosphere.


Bathroom Layout and Design


  • Negative Space: If storage isn’t a real concern the less is more approach can make the room look larger that it actually is by removing the cluttered look that would come with standard size fixtures and vanities.
  • Long Lines: Emphasizing the longest wall in the bathroom is a great way to make the entire space appear larger, adding a shelf, chair rail, or even a simple painted stripe can highlight the length of the room.  If you don’t have a long wall, try going vertical by incorporating a tall, thin mirror or installing a tile accent to draw the eye from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Low Profile Accents: Too many focal points can make the area feel closed in so when adding stylish accents, keep them low profile.  By adding a pop of colour closer to the floor, you still get the unique space without adding clutter.


All home owners want their baths to add value, comfort and style to their homes.  You don’t have to sacrifice on beauty and functionality just because your bathroom is small.  With a few simple upgrades and some illusion-creating accents, you can turn your outdated, tiny bathroom into one of your favorite rooms of the house.








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