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No large overheads
We take care of the majority of your manufacturing.  This means you no longer need to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of machinery to stay competitive.  It also means you don’t need specially trained employees to handle this work.
Fully Customizable Cabinets
This is no cheap knock down cabinet.  Our frameless RTA cabinet range is fully customizable and catered toward the high-end custom cabinet market.  These cabinets have been tried and tested for over a decade in multitudes of multi-million-dollar homes.  We custom build a catalog around you and your company’s needs to ensure you won’t need to compromise any of your special features that set you apart.
Custom painted edge banding
Say goodbye to masking off cabinets and spending valuable time doing repetitive and frustrating tasks.  We offer a wide range PVC color matched banding, real-wood veneer banding and 100% custom paint matched banding – we do it 50% cheaper than leading competitors.
Easy Assembly
Our machinery provides you with pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-labeled parts – each part has self-aligning dados and tenons.  This means you now have access to one of the most structural and sophisticated construction methods available.  These cabinets are not only stronger – but due to predrilling for all hardware and shelving – assembly times are less than half of a traditionally machined cabinet.
6 Business Day Turn Around Time
Once you submit an order, you will receive a quote and assembly sheets for your order within one business day.  After checking over and approving these two items, your job will go into production and be delivered to you within 6 business days of approval date.
Our RTA cabinet line is completely custom meaning we need to price each job individually.  However, we do have a rough pricing guide to get you in the right ballpark of how much your project will cost.  The ballpark price will generally be within 5% variance from your final price. Standard Base Cabinets – 34 ½” tall x 24” deep
  • $37.50 / linear foot – ¾ Hardrock Maple Melamine
  • $56.00 / linear foot – ¾ Prefinished Plywood (UV2)
Standard Upper Cabinets – 36” tall x 12” deep
  • $30.00 / linear foot – ¾ Hardrock Maple Melamine
  • $45.00 / linear foot – ¾ Prefinished Plywood (UV2)
PLEASE NOTE: The above pricing is for un-assembled cabinet box parts only.  These parts are cut, drilled, edge-banded and packaged.  Delivery is an extra ($100/half-truckload) and ($150/full-truckload).  Standard delivery pricing only applies within the Charlotte-Metro area.

What are you waiting for?  Orders can take as little as a few minutes!