Many of us at one point or another have considered custom cabinetry for our remodeling project but then suddenly we ask ourselves “what’s the benefit of getting custom cabinets vs purchasing cabinets already made from places like Lowe’s, Home Depot or Ikea”.  Let’s explore some of these benefits.


Why do I need custom kitchen cabinets?


  1. Quality: The quality of the cabinet construction and the materials used is going to be significantly higher with any custom work, there’s also the freedom of choosing what materials the new cabinets will be made of, whether they’re maple, cherry, oak, etc.
  2. Selection: Custom cabinets have significantly more options available than a cabinet already premade. You not only have more choices of size and colour, but you also have the freedom to choose door styles and configuration.
  3. Personalization: When you’re designing a space, it should reflect your personal style, and your personality.  It is easier to do this with custom cabinetry by adding a pop of colour or special details to custom-made cabinets, this could be a bit harder to do with pre-made stock products.
  4. Function: This is very important when choosing your cabinets. A well-designed kitchen or bathroom should not only have great style but also allow the room to function for your own personal needs in mind. Having the freedom to customize your cabinets will give better options to maximize your cabinet’s potential.
  5. Size: With custom cabinetry you have more flexibility of choosing cabinet dimensions to fit your needs. Usually stock products have already set sizes which can make it more difficult to match the area they’re meant for.


Benefits of Custom Cabinets


They’re Versatile

If you’re having trouble choosing cabinetry for a kitchen because you have an unconventional layout, custom cabinets might be the solution to your problem.  With so many choices to choose from you can make your cabinets adjust to any layout or décor theme.  Want something more modern but with traditional accents?  No problem.  Looking for a rustic, farmhouse vibe, but with some upscale luxury?  With custom cabinetry it can be done.  Even if you want more than one tone of colour, custom cabinets can help you achieve the look you’re going for.


You Don’t Have to Settle

Let’s say you’re looking through kitchen cabinetry and you find a cabinet that you absolutely love but the hardware is not very pleasing.  You’d prefer a much more modern look but that’s not an option, you have no choice but to buy what’s being offered.

With custom cabinets you don’t have to settle. You can get a gorgeous finish AND the beautiful hardware to match your particular style.  At Hardwood Creations we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle when choosing to remodel.  Your home is your sanctuary and it deserves to be the best, which is why our custom cabinets are made specially to fit your needs.


Custom Cabinets Can Bring Your Dreams to Life

Perhaps you were browsing through Houzz or Pinterest or made an inspirational board from magazine cut-outs.  Maybe there’re a look you just fell in love with after you saw it on HGTV.  Whatever the case may be, custom cabinets are your ticket to making your dreams come true. Why don’t you come down and see us, we might just be able to make your dreams come true.